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Articles from our Wyse thinkers

  • Purpose is your quick release cord

    by Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    Here Wyseminds’ behavioural psychologist, Henk Jansen explains that finding purpose in what you do can be like a quick release cord - opening up unknown opportunities, freedom and joy.

  • All’s fair in love and business

    An interview with Quirine van Maanen
    3 minutes

    The Power of Partnerships | Part 1: Quirine draws on her 10 years spent specialising in mergers and acquisitions at Baker McKenzie and her current role providing legal and strategic advice to start-ups, to explain how going into business together is a bit like marriage.

  • Time to talk talent and purpose

    by Fiona Adams and Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    In this blog, Fiona and Julie talk about talent, purpose, and the superpowers of the entrepreneurial business. Enjoy!

  • Why wait to know goodwill’s earning power?

    by Julie Perkins
    5 minutes

    In this Blog, Wyseminds’ Founder, Julie Perkins, explains how goodwill not only fuels growth, but your customers are now demanding it.

  • When should I follow my gut?

    by Richard Doughty
    5 minutes

    Which is better: following your brain, or following your gut? It depends on the circumstances, right? In this blog, Richard describes what we can do to get the most from both our analytical and intuitive strengths.

  • WTF is a Powerball?!

    by Richard Doughty
    5 minutes

    Richard throws light on Wyseminds' tool that supports entrepreneurs run purpose-led businesses. The more you understand what your Powerball tells you, the more seamlessly and joyfully your business will grow!

  • “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    The opportunities are beginning to shine brighter than the crisis warning lights. We are now in a transition period; an essential time to regroup and shift from a crisis style of leadership into a style that seeks opportunity. Are you ready to embrace change?

  • Introducing Susan: business owner and festival enthusiast

    by Susan and Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    A story of passion, purpose and partnership: Susan, business owner and entrepreneur, recently worked with one of our Wyse thinkers in the wake of Covid-19 when she was facing its detrimental impact on the events industry.

  • Onboarding your most expensive employee | Part 1

    by Quirine van Maanen
    3 minutes

    Ask not what you can do for your investor, but what your investor can do for you. Wyse thinker, Quirine, describes two types of investors and the key parameters to consider in your negotiations.

  • The power of purpose with Henk & Julie

    by Julie and Henk Jansen

    "The alignment of purpose affects the way in which we do everything, it's the very fuel that runs through the flywheel of our business and without this the business just 'chugs' along." Julie and Henk discuss the power in aligning yours.