Articles from our Wyse thinkers

  • “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    The opportunities are beginning to shine brighter than the crisis warning lights. We are now in a transition period; an essential time to regroup and shift from a crisis style of leadership into a style that seeks opportunity. Are you ready to embrace change?

  • Introducing Susan: business owner and festival enthusiast

    by Susan and Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    A story of passion, purpose and partnership: Susan, business owner and entrepreneur, recently worked with one of our Wyse thinkers in the wake of Covid-19 when she was facing its detrimental impact on the events industry.

  • Onboarding your most expensive employee | Part 1

    by Quirine van Maanen
    3 minutes

    Ask not what you can do for your investor, but what your investor can do for you. Wyse thinker, Quirine, describes two types of investors and the key parameters to consider in your negotiations.

  • The power of purpose with Henk & Julie

    by Julie and Henk Jansen

    "The alignment of purpose affects the way in which we do everything, it's the very fuel that runs through the flywheel of our business and without this the business just 'chugs' along." Julie and Henk discuss the power in aligning yours.

  • How can you actually measure purpose?

    by Henk Jansen
    2 minutes

    In Henk's latest interaction with Trep, Henk explores how we’re all so used to tracking traditional measurements in our businesses, and how measuring purpose isn’t as black and white - or maybe with Trep’s take on things, it is?

  • Investing versus Covid-19

    by Quirine van Maanen
    4 minutes

    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along change for investors too, yet they still have money to invest. This blog highlights three ways investors could be acting differently as a result of the pandemic, which you can use to your advantage.

  • The importance of authenticity today

    by Henk Jansen
    3 minutes

    Henk Jansen introduces us to Trep, his dear Alien friend who is trying to make sense of the various styles of leadership and organisational-design on earth. Trep has some very interesting takes on it all - a fresh, and welcome, new perspective.