Growing on your terms

  • “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    The opportunities are beginning to shine brighter than the crisis warning lights. We are now in a transition period; an essential time to regroup and shift from a crisis style of leadership into a style that seeks opportunity. Are you ready to embrace change?

  • What’s your signature dish? What story did it tell during the pandemic?

    by Julie Perkins
    4 minutes

    An artist finds their own style, an author finds their own voice and a chef finds their own showcase! What’s yours? And how did it make it out the other side of the Covid pandemic?

  • Introducing Susan: business owner and festival enthusiast

    by Susan and Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    A story of passion, purpose and partnership: Susan, business owner and entrepreneur, recently worked with one of our Wyse thinkers in the wake of Covid-19 when she was facing its detrimental impact on the events industry.

  • Investing versus Covid-19

    by Quirine van Maanen
    4 minutes

    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along change for investors too, yet they still have money to invest. This blog highlights three ways investors could be acting differently as a result of the pandemic, which you can use to your advantage.