Growth stories

  • Merel’s growth story

    by Julie and Merel
    5 minutes

    I’ve always lived my life with a feeling - and outlook - that everybody matters. And as such, I often place myself at the forefront of things that will see this come to life. So when it comes to healthcare and bringing it into a community that needs it most, I knew I had something to offer.

  • Helen’s growth story

    by Julie and Helen
    5 minutes

    I lead a charity called Arts for Impact, which uses art to bring people together in an environment that creates a way of achieving greater fulfilment and connectivity to support better health and wellbeing in people. We truly believe that everybody has a strong contribution to make in their community.

  • Luce’s growth story

    by Julie and Luce
    5 minutes

    My business was stuck; I seemed to be moving around in circles and certainly not moving forward. I faced competitors who were larger than me and could easily beat me on price, which my customer seemed to find important.

  • Rose’s growth story

    by Julie and Rose
    5 minutes

    I’ve been in the hospitality industry my whole life, however, never in all of this time have I had to see my business through a global pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, I initially couldn’t see any clear way through, and I was resigning myself to it being the end.

  • Linda’s growth story

    by Julie and Linda
    5 minutes

    As an experienced project manager, I would often be responsible for the creation and delivery of highly specialised products; 1mm out and I would be left with a pointless pile of metal. Never have I relied so heavily on effective teamwork and delivery.

  • Julie’s growth story

    by Julie Perkins
    6 minutes

    I remember so vividly how much I wanted the next era of growth to get going. Everything seemed in place. Every part of the brand seemed ready to go. The company should have leapt forward and taken off into its next phase. It didn't, it was just chugging.