Knowing your purpose

  • The power of adversity

    with Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    Being an entrepreneur is the best feeling in the world, until it isn’t, but losing your business mojo is not the end of the world. Read on to discover how you can turn your doubts into dreams.

  • Do people not value free things?

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    At Wyseminds, we’ve been offering our Lift-Off programme completely for free. Julie Perkins explores why, and whether ‘reassuringly expensive’ is a more powerful proposition. Spoiler: it's still free so you can sign-up now!

  • Lightbulb moment: Self-belief can be your superpower

    with Loviisa Maasson
    3 minutes

    There comes a time in most of our lives when seeds of self-doubt can take root, but in business that can seriously impact your passion for growth and development. In those times, as Finnish entrepreneur Loviisa Maasson discovered, you need a ‘lightbulb moment’ to highlight your strengths and banish your weaknesses.

  • Seeking out the 10% that will drive the ‘wow’

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    We’ve all heard the phrase ‘when the stars are aligned’ and in business that means when your unity of purpose is clear and bright. It’s time to rediscover the joy and power of your original vision.

  • Lightbulb moment: “My business was purpose-less…”

    by Tessa Parry-Wingfield
    3 minutes

    Tessa Parry-Wingfield is the founder of The Power of Words writer collective – who encountered not one, but three lightbulb moments during the free entry level of the Wyseminds’ training programme. We're excited to share them with you.

  • Through the kaleidoscope: the twists and turns of growing a business

    by Julie Perkins
    4 minutes

    Are you trying to visualise the future of your company? No matter how hard you squint, does it feel like your vision is blurred? It can feel a bit like peering down a kaleidoscope; it can seem confusing at first with optical illusions and colliding colours. Julie explores how to find that clarity in business growth.

  • The art of corporate responsibility

    An interview with Jacquie Irvine
    4 minutes

    Jacquie Irvine of Good Values understood that businesses could benefit from charitable partnerships long before Environmental Social Governance and Corporate Responsibility became corporate lingo. Here she explains why we all should do more - or get left behind.

  • Purpose is your quick release cord

    by Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    Here Wyseminds’ behavioural psychologist, Henk Jansen explains that finding purpose in what you do can be like a quick release cord - opening up unknown opportunities, freedom and joy.

  • Time to talk talent and purpose #3

    with Kate Brown
    6 minutes

    We hear from Kate Brown, Group People Director at Specsavers Optical Group, who offers some excellent insight into the importance of inspiring ideas, spark and team spirit.

  • Time to talk talent and purpose #2

    with Hanny van de Weerdt
    5 minutes

    We sit down with Hanny van de Weerdt, Learning & Development Business Partner at the Heineken Company, to discuss how people are the true value and difference in a company.