Wyseminds video channel – live!

  • ‘The Wyseway’ series

    by Julie Perkins
    4 min.

    We all hear about hard graft required for business success. But what we don’t generally hear about is how many female founders get stuck at the point of overwhelm after their first wave of growth.

  • ‘Growth begins with you’ series

    by Julie Perkins
    6 minutes

    You and your business are definitely unique, but the way business grows is not.  Understanding this process helps us to understand how we can make our own growth pattern more seamless. If we understand how something grows we can support it, feed it in the right way.

  • A different way of looking at growth

    by Julie Perkins
    9 minutes

    What if the pattern of a Rubik's cube could support your to-do list into becoming something that you truly love and do every day? In this video Julie talks about the Powerball, a different way of looking at growth and its challenges to achieve a seamless growth journey.  

  • Step into ‘Your Journey’ – video demo

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    'Your Journey' is our interactive training programme designed for female entrepreneurs to discover the right, most relevant path to purpose-led business growth. Watch this video for a quick walk-through of the platform. 

  • Time to talk talent and purpose #1

    with Edyta Ozbek
    30 minutes

    The story of Edyta Ozbek and her company. Polish-born Edyta Ozbek founded her company NEU professionals back in 2013.

  • Finding Purpose

    by Julie Perkins
    10 minutes

    Julie, founder of Wyseminds, talks about purpose and purpose-led, and how to make it matter.

  • Interview with Art Director, Alan Gilmore

    with Alan Gilmore
    8 minutes

    Alan Gilmore, Art director for films such as Harry Potter, World War Z and X-Men, discusses with Julie Perkins how you build an ecosystem that transports millions of people through 2 hours of escapism. 

  • Interview with Mary Perkins – episode 3

    by Julie with Mary Perkins

    In our final episode with Mary Perkins, we talk about the strengths that take companies through challenging times, and how the Specsavers values play such a key role in survival and growth for the future - it might get your thinking about yours.

  • Interview with Mary Perkins – episode 2

    by Julie with Mary Perkins

    In this second episode we discuss the structure for growth and how it takes an evolution of people and yourself. How did Mary manage to do the things that many of us find difficult? How do you let others, more qualified than us, move in?

  • Finding freedom for Linda

    by Julie Perkins

    "The greatest change that happened for me? Freedom." Watch as Julie Perkins explains the steps that we took with Linda to make the path ahead clearer than it’s ever been.