Interview with Mary Perkins – episode 3

by Julie with Mary Perkins

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In our final episode with Mary Perkins, co-founder of the world’s largest privately owned optical company, we talk about the strengths that take companies through challenging times, and how the Specsavers values play such a key role in survival and growth for the future. I also took the opportunity to ask what she feels about her journey and any insights and advice to female entrepreneurs looking into growing forward in 2021.

Summarising key points
We hope you enjoyed the final episode in our interview series with Mary Perkins. This is a summary of some key take-aways that Mary and Julie talked through, which we hope might be a supportive reminder as you discover your next step for growth:

  • Working together as a team that are connected by values and the way we work
  • Understand your team’s roles and responsibilities towards purpose
  • Have a long-term vision and plan, ensure it’s agile and reflects current customer needs. The confidence to change is guided by your customer
  • Keep a local feel, even though you are global
  • Build strong respectful partnerships and alliances within your field that share similar values
  • People first: when you have a team connected with culture, it creates a whole organisation that is motivated to contribute
  • Keep your focus in challenging times, avoid spraying actions
  • see adversity as an opportunity to speed up innovation
  • Look after yourself, have something else that you love doing that’s totally different

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