Your Journey | The Lift-Off level


Start to discover your right next step to business growth with the Lift-off programme. You started your business because you have a passion to make a difference and our support programme is designed to give a greater impact.


Your business is unique but the way businesses grow is not.

Knowing and understanding these growth patterns begins to help us to find the right growth path and prepares you to be ready to maximise growth opportunities.

  • Learn the 4 key growth drivers that will create power in your business today and for the future 
  • Undo blocks that bring overwhelm and frustration to put all your energy into a more seamless path
  • Understand where your company is now and how you can support it to maximise growth today

What does the Lift-Off level include? 

  • A tailor-made personal growth guide
  • A 2-hour interactive business growth group workshop to personalise your next steps with our experienced growth coaches. 
  • A 1-to-1 consultation with the founder of Wyseminds, Julie Perkins and so much more!

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