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‘The Wyseway’ series

by Julie Perkins


We all hear about hard graft required for business success. But what we don’t generally hear about is how many female founders get stuck at the point of Sofia overwhelmed Wysemindsoverwhelm after their first wave of growth. When the focus switches from purpose and enthusiasm to keeping the initial momentum going, it’s easy to forget to adapt your organisation.

Suddenly you’re firefighting through each day without a clear plan of where you’re heading. This is SUCH a common problem that we see time and again in our work with female entrepreneurs. There are 4 key areas that must be aligned to meet business growth. These are your customers, your team, your business and your purpose.

At Wyseminds, we help female founders harmonise these areas and bring purpose back. In our book The Wyseway, we illustrate this phenomenon through a fictional entrepreneur called Sofia. The account is based on our own very real experiences of growing successful businesses. If you’re daunted by the scale of the task ahead, you’ll relate to Sofia’s story in an instant.

We taken certain chapters of Sofia’s journey that we think may inspire you to ask yourself important questions for your business growth.

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