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We know that every business is unique but the way businesses grow is not. If the pressures of running and growing a company are shared, we can solve the problem, and what you’re feeling right now is what 1000s of entrepreneurs will be feeling too.

Based on 20 years of experience, this eBook introduces you to Sofia, our female founder, to bring these feelings into real life scenarios and give Sofia (and you!) the right tools to make business growth feel more joyful and seamless. Which is exactly how it should be. 

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Julie Perkins, Founder of Wyseminds

Julie Perkins Wyseminds Founder

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There are many faces and feelings behind every entrepreneur

You may be feeling overwhelmed when considering the steps you need to take in order to grow, and, like so many entrepreneurs, it can feel like you are walking a path untrodden. However, whilst every business is unique, the way they grow is not, and in this eBook, we bring to you Sofia’s journey – providing her with the tools to replace overwhelm with excitement, frustration with freedom, and worry with clarity.

Do you want to turn this...

“It’s frustrating when other people – whether it’s staff, suppliers or investors – don’t support what I’m doing. It feels like they want different things, and I can’t always convince them. It leaves me feeling alone and constantly being the one finding ideas to improve.”

Sofia lonely Wyseminds

Into this…?

“My vision needs to feel achievable and exciting. If we all work together then in the near future we will be able to see our vision come to life.”

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Do you say this...?

“My to-do list is not getting any shorter, and it’s difficult at times to know what to prioritise. Even when we try to keep to our purpose, I keep having to fix small problems and put out fires, which is draining. As the founder, where should I focus our efforts to grow from here?”

Sofia overwhelmed Wyseminds

And you would you rather be saying this?

“Each time I experience a problem in my company, I can use the Powerball as a problem-solving tool – it can show the root cause of the problem is usually that we’ve lost alignment somewhere. Aligning my growth drivers can prevent problems arising in the first place, and create a seamless path for growth.”

Discover the Powerball and the strength of yours.

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Or perhaps this is you?

“I feel torn between wanting to be the decision maker, and wanting my team to take initiative and responsibility. I know there are some decisions only I as the Founder can make, but I also know how I want things to be and then it’s quicker to tell people that. Should I delegate more?”

Sofia Frustrated Wyseminds

And this is the clarity you seek?

“Which decisions I delegate should be less about what I prefer, and more about which growth phase we are in. If I have a good decision-making process for the moment we are in, then I will be more confident in knowing when and what to delegate, and it will be enough to support us as we take our right next step for growth – and after that this process will adapt again.”


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