Growing your company on your terms

Step into Your Journey - an online support programme designed for female entrepreneurs to discover the right, most relevant, path to purpose-led business growth. Growth should feel like a new adventure, one that is completely defined by you.

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Create a clear path

Identify your greatest opportunities whilst leaving room for exploration into further fields. Step forward with confidence, knowing that your approach to growth is the right one. Ready to continue your story?

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Newfound clarity and belief

Discover a broader view of your company's current performance, using the right data to understand where growth opportunity lies and your ability to support it effectively.

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Finding joy in the challenge of growth

New growth doesn’t need to be more hours or pressure, it should create greater ease. Your journey is on your terms and with our support you can unlock freedom whilst remembering why you set out on this path in the first place.

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Measuring the impact of what matters

Simplicity creates clarity, understanding and power in growth. Alignment within your company’s ecosystem makes what seems now impossible, possible, bringing newfound confidence in the actions you’re taking.

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Why step into this journey?

30 years of experience and a passion for what works now brings you only the proven methods and techniques to ensure our growth programme exceeds your business goals. Handpick the right tools for your situation and only use what will have an effect – tracked and measured at every step.

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It’s all about your company

Your company is at the centre of everything that you do on Your Journey and the levels and modules provided.

The resources that you need to grow

Explore and collect the tools that are right for your growth plan with the option of support from our in-house guides (our Wyseminds!). It should feel like the network that would take years to grow yourself.

Bespoke and practical learning units

Read, discuss, watch and discover right away. The learning units vary in the level of interaction to ensure a diverse journey for you.

  • Videos - to guide you along
  • Downloadable worksheets - to take away and reflect
  • One to one support - to have more support if you would like it

Unique dashboard to monitor your progress

Your digital dashboard will directly track and provide results against your projected opportunity. It will place a value on your purpose and demonstrate the strength of the impact your brand has on your cash flow and profit and loss.

  • A unified approach to seeing the impact of your purpose
  • Everybody can own and influence the results
  • Quick access to the most important data to progress in your journey
  • Easy input of your monthly figures

A way that works for you

Every growth journey is different and everyone’s path to achieving it is too. Take just the first level, complete the full programme or come back again to continue your journey at a time that works for you. Your dashboard remains yours.

Growth on your own terms

The Wyseway trail

Growth is needed to remain successful for yourself, your team and the community you serve, so how do we decide what this growth looks like? How do we ensure we’re taking the right next step with a profitable growth journey and a company built to last?

How is each level structured?

Every level has 3 sections with each level designed to bring the right support for the growth of your company with you leading the way.

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Section 1: An induction into the new level

The first section of every level is all about the entrepreneur. Moving into a new growth era requires a different way of looking at your role so you can lead the new direction of your company. We always start with understanding the current situation, where the opportunities lie, what key stakeholders are involved, where alignment is strong and where blocks and inefficiencies will weaken the impact of your purpose.

Section 2: Aligning your key drivers for growth

Your key drivers are the power you have as a company to make the impact you wish. Made up of your purpose, team, customer and business, the second section of every level is focused on the alignment of these key drivers in order to enable you to grow.

Section 3: How you support this growth through your capabilities

Your capabilities ensure your company can support growth. Considering your structure, value creation and decision-making processes, the third section of every level is about exploring and understanding the effectiveness of these to support growth now and in the future.

The three sections in each level provide an entrepreneur-led journey with the right learning, tools and support that will make the difference.

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Lift-Off programme

Knowing your potential

Level 1

Growth begins with you

Level 2

Measuring the power of your purpose

Reviews from our community

"9 weeks on I feel like I am leading a different business, the approach the online support programme has shown me has brought clarity to my business model so I lead with more confidence and most importantly of all I have found back the spark."
Loviisa Vähävuori, Founder of Näpp
"Before I felt that I was doing everything and holding it all up. Now I can reposition myself to build more opportunities to have more impact."
Helen Bonner-Morgan, Arts for Impact
"My key takeaway from the workshop was to be clear and specific about my company's purpose. My business is my unique fingerprint and how I make an impact in the world."
Shokoofeh Ketabchi, Founder of Tanfit
"By rediscovering my sense of freedom, I had the space to balance the now with planning for the future, with growing confidence and self-belief."
Merel Rumping, Founder of Care Within Reach

How to get started

Start Your Journey with a free trial so you can experience the value before paying a thing.

Wondering whether this is for you?

We love to hear from female business owners. Get in touch to ask questions about the levels, packages and tools we use so you can make your decision based on what your company needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the Wyseway Journey is for me?

You’ll be running your own company and will have already experienced growth and the success that that brings. Perhaps you’re looking to grow again but are unsure how without giving up more of your time (that you don’t have!), or maybe you want to maximise the growth cycle you’re in right now and you’re not sure where to begin. You’ll have a team currently helping you to create your value, either a direct team or indirect alliances or partnerships.

Is it only for female entrepreneurs?

Yes, our approach is tailored to women, working with a feminine touch, creating an environment where entrepreneurs can be at their best, feel challenged and good enough to be there.

What type of business do I have to run for this to be relevant?

Whilst we know that each company is different in its purpose and unique in its product and customer, we do believe that every business shares a similar growth pattern proven over decades of case study research. Knowing that pattern and where you are in it, can help you relaunch effectively into the next era. With this in mind, there isn’t a ‘type’ of business you need to run for this programme to be relevant to you – this isn’t what dictates how or why you grow and we welcome owners of all industries with different products and services to be a part of it.

Can I just do the Lift-Off level and leave?

Absolutely. It might be that you have the right tools and support system already in place and that our Lift-Off programme is the perfect catalyst to rejuvenating your growth journey. You can also preview the other levels before purchasing them which might help your decision.

How long will it take to complete each level/the entire programme?

This is totally dependent on you and the amount of time you have to give to this programme. To continue to the next level you need to have completed all modules and you may of course want to take a break in between levels to put what you have discovered into practice.

If your questions aren’t covered above, you can contact us here.