9 weeks on I feel like I am leading a different business, the approach the Lift-Off programme has shown me has brought clarity to my business model so I lead with more confidence and most importantly of all I have found back the spark.
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By rediscovering my sense of freedom, I had the space to balance the now with planning for the future, with growing confidence and self-belief.
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It was 3am in the morning and there I was, hands in the air and staring at the stars; who would have thought the most pivotal point in my business life would be painted at that moment.
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My key takeaway from the webinar was to be clear and specific about my company's purpose. My business is my unique fingerprint and how I make an impact in the world.
Discover the Lift-Off programme
Before I felt that I was doing everything and holding it all up. Now I can reposition myself to build more opportunities to have more impact.
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We know the potential power of a purpose-led company to drive performance, which is why it’s the approach we live by. We offer the right tools to support female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and we’re grounded in keeping things simple, acting with honesty and bringing freedom to your next growth era.

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The power and strength of what we do lies in the team of people that make up Wyseminds. Collaborating with us gives you access to the founder and hand-picked professionals who share our drive for positive and enjoyable growth, giving you the opportunity to grow with experts that support your growth plan. We have also created ‘the Wyseway’ with stories and tools that can help you to find your path more independently too.


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