The greatest change that happened for me? Freedom. Freedom to go into a new era using my skills to grow my business without getting pulled back into the day-to-day operations.
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It was 3am in the morning and there I was, hands in the air and staring at the stars; who would have thought the most pivotal point in my business life would be painted at that moment.
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It shouldn’t take a pandemic to have fast tracked me to have a stronger business. Today we are growing for a better tomorrow and just as importantly, we’re more ‘bullet proof’ for any future crisis.
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Your business is different in its purpose, and unique in its product and customer. Big, small, regional or market leader, every business shares a similar growth pattern proven over decades of case study research. Knowing that pattern and where you are in it, can help you relaunch effectively into the next era. We have created a growth evaluation to help you understand the stage you are at now, supporting you to ask the right questions to go forward.

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Your Growth: Understanding the Wyseway
August 25th | September 22nd | 10 AM CET
By Julie Perkins & Richard Doughty

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The power and strength of what we do lies in the team of people that make up Wyseminds. Collaborating with us gives you access to the founder and hand-picked professionals who share our drive for positive and enjoyable growth, giving you the opportunity to grow with experts that support your growth plan. We have also created ‘the Wyseway’ with stories and tools that can help you to find your path more independently too.


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