Purpose-led Business Growth Book


The many faces of a founder… of joy, of the unforeseen challenge, of frustration and back to the face of belief! and it’s only 10 am. This book provides you with the right tools to navigate these.

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Follow and learn from Sofia and her entrepreneurial growth journey and the questions she answered to ensure a more seamless growth path. Building on 30+ years of expertise, The Wyseway: Purpose-led Business Growth book provides you with the right tools to make your business growth joyful and seamless. As Sofia tells her story, we can begin to connect to the likeness of our own situation and use the answers, the tools and advice from 3 Wyseminds’ experts, who have lived the journey themselves, to support a more seamless growth for ourselves. We may continue to have the many faces of a founder but by reading this book, we will know why things happen as they do and, most importantly, know how to change it!