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What grows a business is marketing and strategies, however understanding how to grow a business is when “what” you do can make the impossible seem possible.

The Wyseway growth evaluation focuses on the key drivers behind your business, the power you have to make the impact you set out to do, to support you to ask the right questions to understand how to go forward with your growth plan. The taster highlights the one key driver that may give you some refraction on what is stopping the journey to the next growth era feeling seamless. 

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Creating your taster growth guide
As you answer the following 4 questions, imagine you have just sat down with a great new employee who has finished their onboarding period – their first 100 days within your company. They are beginning to be a part of the organisation, mapping out their role in making a difference. You respect their opinion and have had an interesting, open conversation, gathering their feedback and first impressions. Now you have some time to sit back and reflect, you realise that these areas need more of focus, clarity and some aligning internally.

What’s next?
Below are 4 statements that represent important areas of your company. Rank them in order of how apparent they would have been to the employee you’ve just been talking to. 1 being the most apparent, 4 being the least.