The Wyseway

Everything we do comes back to achieving the right growth - whatever this looks like for you. We combine known strategies with experiences from others who have lived through the journey, to create an ordered approach so the journey to your own personal outcome feels seamless, gratification feels quick and the energy and effort is focused in one direction - we call this the Wyseway.

The beliefs behind the Wyseway

The way we work

When we think about growth, we automatically think forward, bigger, more.

Of course this is right. A growing company is a stronger company and growth is at the centre of what we do at Wyseminds. Through the Wyseway process, we also recognise that growth comes from both looking forward and by being aware of what we already have.

Research shows that companies are losing up to 10% of their value in sales and profits due to productivity and efficiency opportunities. So the growth plan is just as important as the foundation you have to ‘take off’ from, with the alignment of people, processes and the ecosystem of your company.

When we talk about alignment, we mean placing things in the right order so that everything carried forward will count, reducing the risk and any wasted effort so that your journey feels stronger, and you feel more confident that what you are doing matters. There’s one plan and everyone has clarity on what it means.

Whatever growth phase you are in, whether you are looking to grow again or maybe you have stopped growing and wish to ignite your business, what we do first is always the same; the way companies grow is a well researched pattern, regardless of sales, product or age, so why not use this pattern to help grow faster? Each phase requires the appropriate company structure and ecosystem for the founder, your team and (most importantly) your customer, to flourish. Therefore, understanding where you are at now is the first step.

The Wyseway journey begins with answering the question “are you ready for growth?” and you can find out more below.

Your growth journey

Knowing where you are growing from is the starting point to ensure your growth plan has the impact that you wish for, with a platform that is strong enough to take off from. Alignment of the way we work and the processes involved before you get to the point of planning the next era, is the difference between growth that totally shifts your business and one that simply pokes it. At Wyseminds, we believe that if it’s not fun, growth won’t happen, which is determined by the difference between your growth plan feeling seamless or just hard work.

We’ve created the Wyseway growth evaluation; 20 questions to understand your alignment starting point to then use this to grow quicker, smarter, stronger. The results will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Watch the video to find out more about your personal growth guide

Finding your growth opportunities

Fix This Next (FTN) is about giving business owners the clarity to see what their biggest challenge is. It starts with a questionnaire, which will allow you to see past the things that are cluttering your mind and prioritise the most important.

Getting going

The next step can seem like the hardest when it should be the most exciting. We are busy building a library of webinars to guide you on getting going; sign up to our newsletter to keep updated on these. In the meantime, listen to Julie’s story on her journey to creating Wyseminds.

Discover Julie's story

Our approach in action

Whilst every story and ambition are unique, whether you turn over 100,000 or 50 million, the questions and concerns of entrepreneurs often have a lot in common, as do the solutions. Our stories shine a spotlight on individual growth journeys, whilst also sharing our approach in propelling the business - and the owner - forward. We hope that they trigger something that you could immediately consider for your business or just inspire that initial idea - or both!

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As soon as the first step was taken, I knew it was the right one and I felt my ability to influence had come back.
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It was a process based on what was actually needed, and one that I can now place confidently into a potential partnership.
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Working together

Our online offering is centred around providing you with proven processes, theories and advice that we hope you can apply to your business right away. As you can see in our growth stories, we also bring together some of the wisest minds across different industries to collaborate with business owners who want a short-term partnership, focused on sharing knowledge and skills to do it together smarter, faster and stronger.