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The Wyseway: Your growth journey

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As a business leader, it’s hard to think clearly about growing your business. Overloaded with today’s to-do list, being pulled in all different directions – being an entrepreneur is both exciting and exhausting.

Let us introduce you to purpose-led growth. A rediscovery of your purpose, and learning how to use it, will create a more seamless approach to growth. And the results can be astounding. We will be your guides on this energetic, yet focused journey of exploration. We’ve trodden this path many times before – as entrepreneurs ourselves and with our clients.

This is the Wyseway: not a blueprint or a gimmick – the next chapter to open up new growth opportunities in your business.

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Our passion & beliefs

Growing your business has to be on your terms, fuelled by your passion and beliefs; there is no one way.

We help you discover the 20% of your time and effort that’s creating the biggest value for your business. Your most effective action. Some call it Pareto’s 80/20 Rule. We call it freeing up your valuable time for more strategic, growth impactful activities – that often get shelved due to inefficient workload.

Watch this video to find out how we can support you to create your own purpose-led growth journey.

Your right next step

There’s not one way of successfully growing a business. However, whether you are a team of ten, or an ecosystem of thousands, whether you’re in retail, fashion, tech, or other, there are patterns to follow. Knowing these can help you create more seamless, manageable growth. We eat, sleep and breathe these patterns, and use them to help you inject purpose and value into the core of your business. This helps you channel your energy into the most thriving aspects of your business. And it aligns everyone to strive for the same goals – your teams, your suppliers and partnerships, your customers and even your investors.

This united growth happens when you take the right next step that considers:

How can you understand your key growth drivers?
How can we align everyone involved in your business to these to drive growth?
What building blocks do we need to create and support your growth opportunities?
How can we build these to last and work effectively for you?

As your guides, we will support you with many tools and strategies, as you journey along the Wyseway trail – emerging quicker and smarter.

How does it work?

The Wyseway journey consists of 5 levels – each level bringing new measurable growth and opportunity for your business

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Level 1: Getting started and defining your vision of growth
Level 2: Growing and protecting your core business
Level 3: Moving and launching into your new growth era
Level 4: Staying seamless

Placing your company as the focus, we support you to lead your business forward with ongoing joy, passion and freedom. Every level has three stages, all designed to bring the right support for the growth of your company. You will be leading the way – and that’s why our programme is pay as you go; you only pay when you need us. It’s like all adventures – some parts you may wish to do on your own. You’ll always have your map, community and compass (in the form of your dashboard), by your side.

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Section 1.
 You, as the entrepreneur, first: Supporting you for your next growth era.
Section 2. Aligning your key drivers for growth: Creating power within to make the impact you wish.
Section 3. Capabilities: How you support your growth into the future.

The three sections in each level provide an entrepreneur-led journey with the right learning, tools and support that will make the difference.

Lift-Off Programme

Take your first steps to seamless business growth for free

Wyseminds believes in freedom for every female entrepreneur. The Lift-Off Programme is our gift to women entrepreneurs everywhere, and primes you for seamless and joyful business growth. The programme includes:

Your Personal Growth Guide
The start of your growth journey begins with your Personal Growth Guide, a free report informed by an in-depth online evaluation of you and your business.

2 hour webinar
‘Your Growth; Understanding the Wyseway’ is an interactive webinar where you can make the most of your Personal Growth Guide and plan your right next step for growth.

1-on-1 consultation
A free call with one of our Wyseminds to explore what your Personal Growth Guide means for your unique circumstances.

The change you wish to make

The Wyseway is about seeing growth as your voyage of discovery: new depths, new ways and new opportunities. As your expert guides, we will support you in exploring:

Knowing where you are now
So you can understand the strengths that will take you forward.

Quicker, smarter, stronger
Creating time for more valuable activities.

A seamless approach that takes things
off your to-do list.

A lasting passion
Greater impact fuelled by your original ambition.

A faster way forward
Streamlined business models & supercharged performance. 

Monetary gains
Financial modelling as a critical part of your growth plan with a full progress dashboard.

Is this approach for me?

No doubt you started your business out of passion. Whether you are already on your growth journey (but it needs a boost), or you want to reignite your entrepreneurial spark, we can support you to align on your purpose.

The origin of your entrepreneurial passion.

New opportunities to grow your business.

How your ideas can make an impact.

For a simpler, more unified approach.

Connect again
With your teams and customers.

Your growth results so far.

Feel inspired again.

What to expect?

An interactive training programme designed for female entrepreneurs to discover the right, most relevant, path to business growth. Being on the programme feels like a new adventure, one that is completely defined by you.

A bespoke programme
Your business is our case study.

You’re the leader, we are your guides
We surround ourselves with a diverse community.

A purpose-led transformation
Measured by achievable milestones.

Pay as you go
Each level will unlock previously unseen growth opportunities.

A results dashboard
With strong, everyday measures.

Discover your journey

The next step can seem like the hardest, but it should be the most exciting. To bring yourself up to speed on Wyseminds and the Wyseway – and what we can do for you – sign up to our newsletter or catch up on our blog. Here you’ll find advice, anecdotes and actionable tips. And hear from our founder, Julie, about her own growth adventures – and how they led to a new-found passion for supporting other female entrepreneurs in their quest for purpose-led success, epitomised in Wyseminds. 

As soon as the first step was taken, I knew it was the right one and I felt my ability to influence had come back.
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It was a process based on what was actually needed, and one that I can now place confidently into a potential partnership.
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Our approach in action

Whilst every story and ambition are unique, whether you turn over 100,000 or 50 million, the questions and concerns of entrepreneurs often have a lot in common, as do the solutions. Our stories shine a spotlight on individual growth journeys, whilst also sharing our approach in propelling the business - and the owner - forward. We hope that they trigger something that you could immediately consider for your business or just inspire that initial idea - or both!

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