Talent and purpose: 2 peas in a pod

Watch the Vegetable Restaurant video

Talent and purpose: You can’t have one without the other

Having the right talent supporting our future growth strategies is an essential focus right now, however, attracting the right talent is only one of the needed steps towards success. It’s how we keep and unify the talent in our teams, direct and indirect, that will create the success we wish for and drive growth seamlessly with a greater joy for everyone. 

How we align talent to our organisational purpose is one of the key drivers to successful growth. At Wyseminds we believe there are 4 key growth drivers: Your team, your business and the way you work, Living your purpose and values and the relationship with your customer. When all 4 are aligned growth begins to feel seamless, stronger and faster. We call this the Powerball.

Listen to this simple real life case study of a deflated powerball from the eyes of a customer and perhaps it inspires you to think how your customer would view your powerball; would they be a raving fan that tells stories of your business ? or like with this restaurant, “a good experience but nothing special”.

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