A series with Trep

  • The role of mindset in answering your purpose

    by Henk Jansen
    4 minutes

    Henk continues his series with Trep, gaining some invaluable insights on the importance of shifting your mindset and having a more flexible way of thinking in order to tackle some of life’s challenges, along with tactical advice you could action right now. 

  • How can you actually measure purpose?

    by Henk Jansen
    2 minutes

    In Henk's latest interaction with Trep, Henk explores how we’re all so used to tracking traditional measurements in our businesses, and how measuring purpose isn’t as black and white - or maybe with Trep’s take on things, it is?

  • The importance of authenticity today

    by Henk Jansen
    3 minutes

    Henk Jansen introduces us to Trep, his dear Alien friend who is trying to make sense of the various styles of leadership and organisational-design on earth. Trep has some very interesting takes on it all - a fresh, and welcome, new perspective.