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How to measure purpose

  • Purpose is your quick release cord

    by Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    Here Wyseminds’ behavioural psychologist, Henk Jansen explains that finding purpose in what you do can be like a quick release cord - opening up unknown opportunities, freedom and joy.

  • WTF is a Powerball?!

    by Richard Doughty
    5 minutes

    Richard throws light on Wyseminds' tool that supports entrepreneurs run purpose-led businesses. The more you understand what your Powerball tells you, the more seamlessly and joyfully your business will grow!

  • What chess teaches you about entrepreneurship

    by Peter Rijsdijk
    4 minutes

    As a fanatical chess player, Peter Rijsdijk explains why the art of chess has more similarities than you might think when it comes to strategically tackling the 64 squares of your business.

  • Peter Rijsdijk’s interview with Julie Perkins

    by Peter Rijsdijk
    5 minutes

    Wyseminds’ purpose-led financial advisor, Peter, talks to Julie about what he is currently seeing on the front line of entrepreneurship, 5 months into 2021.

  • What’s your signature dish? What story did it tell during the pandemic?

    by Julie Perkins
    4 minutes

    An artist finds their own style, an author finds their own voice and a chef finds their own showcase! What’s yours? And how did it make it out the other side of the Covid pandemic?