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The freedom growth brings

  • Reuse, recycle, repair – how decluttering your business can work wonders

    by Julie Perkins
    4 minutes

    Inspired by Japanese ‘organisational consultant’ Marie Kondo, Julie unpacks the theory behind her approach putting it into the context of your company as it is now and what you might want to take with you to grow forward.

  • Stepping back to growth

    by Julie Perkins
    3 minutes

    Read how three inspiring entrepreneurs took a step back to their purpose, and really helped take their business to the next level.

  • Introducing Susan: business owner and festival enthusiast

    by Susan and Henk Jansen
    5 minutes

    A story of passion, purpose and partnership: Susan, business owner and entrepreneur, recently worked with one of our Wyse thinkers in the wake of Covid-19 when she was facing its detrimental impact on the events industry.

  • Perfectionism: your greatest ally or worst enemy when building your company?

    by Emma Runia
    4 minutes

    Perfectionism can have its benefits for your company but more often it will hold you and your business back. Guest writer and business owner, Emma Runia, discusses the benefits of managing perfectionist tendencies.

  • Defining your freedom: paying the right price

    by Julie Perkins
    4 minutes

    Freedom is one of our values, something we believe should be felt by all entrepreneurs especially during periods of growth. Julie explores the factors that make up freedom and the importance of defining it for yourself to bring you the most joy.