• Inspiring people in the 21st century

    by Julie Perkins
    40 min

    Never has there been a better time for business owners to inspire great people to join them, Julie Perkins, business coach and founder of Wyseminds, tells Troy Trewin on the How to Grow A Small Business podcast.

  • Translating crisis leadership into everyday business

    by Julie Perkins
    7 min.

    There’s a reason why leadership management loves a crisis, Julie Perkins, founder of Wyseminds, tells the Dive Deep, Climb High podcast. It’s because everyone’s united around a purpose, energised by a tangible, common goal with a solid measure.

  • Fail fast and get back up again

    by Julie Perkins
    6 min.

    Fail fast, get up and try again in a different way was the theme discussed on the Bold Business podcast featuring a guest appearance by Wyseminds’ founder Julie Perkins.

  • Transcending the lows on the path to business growth

    by Julie Perkins
    50 min.

    There’s a lot of them all over the web. Speaking to you on social platforms in front of multi-million pound mansions. You too can live the entrepreneur’s dream they claim, if only you knew the secret sauce which they can divulge once you hand over your ready bucks. While many of these stories are online scammers’ efforts to cheat vulnerable people, others are genuine. 

  • Values and purpose – airy-fairy corporate fluff or a force for business growth?

    by Julie Perkins
    40 min.

    Values and purpose create a force that powers business growth. They’re now seen as fundamental aspects of a brand to get right because without them a business will lack direction.